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offshore merchant accounts explained

What is an offshore merchant account?

It is essential in this day and age for online businesses to be able to process credit card transactions online. To have the ability to do this you would require a merchant account to process card not present transactions on your website. Most individuals, new start-ups and existing businesses will find it difficult to obtain a merchant account as they will approach their local banks for a domestic merchant account and if they have do not meet the certain criteria in most cases they will be refused a merchant account.

For business approaching local banks for a merchant account for credit card processing they will generally find:


Banks will require a business to have been operating for at last 2 years or more, with a credit card processing history.


Banks will require a security deposit of around $5000 or more.


Banks will hold back monthly card payments to cover possible chargeback refunds.


Banks will tend not to take on High Risk merchants carry increased financial risk, even if they provide you a merchant account – the card processing rates or too high.


Business with high volume turnover is considered high risk, as well as if you business grows too rapidly i.e. your monthly turnover goes from $20, 000 to $30, 000 – you may suspected of money laundering and your merchant account is taken away.


Generally it may be hard to get a merchant account for businesses located outside of the UK or US.


Therefore the only solution for individuals, new start-ups and normal businesses to accept credit cards and process orders online is to look for an offshore merchant account. Offshore merchant accounts generally provide much better service, especially for high risk merchants and those located outside of the US. In SOME CASES the rates you pay may be slightly more than normal discount rates, however the benefits of having an offshore merchant account are:

You can get a merchant account for high risk businesses, don’t have
to worry about previous TMF or Match file.
Better level of service by the banks, as they are happy to deal with
high risk merchants.
Reduced taxes:  you can earn as much as you want, as your banking
is all offshore – means more profit.
You can get easy access to funds and funds can be placed into any bank account worldwide – you choose!
This is generally a more economical and cost effective solution for most online businesses as there are less stringent rates and fees to pay.

Payworld can help you in getting an offshore merchant account.

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We understand the problems & provide businesses offshore merchant accounts.
We can provide better service, and more cost effective tax free solutions.
We provide one base discounted rate from 1.8%
We can pay you in any currency at no additional cost.
We can settle to any account worldwide, you specify!
Excellent dedicated customer support by telephone, email and live chat facility.
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