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high risk merchant accounts explained

What is a High Risk merchant account

High Risk merchants accounts classifies merchants who operate businesses that carry high risk of fraud, charge-back and refund possibility. Some businesses considered high risk if they are located outside of the US, and some with no history can be considered as fly by night company, here one minute and gone the next.

Most online businesses can get a merchant account very easily, whereas businesses considered as high risk can experience a very difficult time trying to get a merchant account. They will typically find that merchant account providers (MAP) are not willing to take the risk associated with providing them with a merchant account. If they are prepared to the rates and fees that they charge the merchant are usually very high.

Examples of high risk business

Adult Service Providers, Online Dating, Online Replica products, Travel, International Call Centres, E-Wallet / E-Cash, Voice Over IP, Web Hosting, Downloadable software, Telemarketing, Pre-paid Phone Card, MOTO, Herbal, Online Tobacco, Recurring billing or Subscription.

There is a further degree of scrutiny within the broad high risk category. Merchant Account Providers (MAP) will consider certain merchants to be higher risk than others and this will be reflected in the rates and fees they quote. There will be some MAP's that will not want to deal with certain merchants period, as they may have some ethical or moral issues in the type of business they conduct.

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We understand the problems and can provide High Risk Merchants Accounts
We have no prejudices about the nature of your business, i.e. adult, replica etc.
We provide one base discounted rate from 1.8%
We want to be able to offer a wide spectrum of businesses merchant accounts
We provide offshore merchant account, For US & International merchant
Excellent dedicated customer support by telephone, email and live chat facility.
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