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Adult Merchant Account
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Adult Merchant Account


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adult content accounts explained

What is an Adult merchant account?

>> What is an Adult merchant account?



As we all know that the adult industry is on the most lucrative businesses on the internet contributing millions of dollars of income on the internet. A successful business in the adult industry will consequently have a high volume turnover, and therefore will be classes as high risk.

Adult service providers will typically offer products/services on two different types of payment methods, these include:

 - One off fee: payments only taken once.

 - Monthly Billing: referred to as  recurring billing.

The latter payment method makes the businesses High risk. Certain websites may not clearly state that the customer will be charged periodically and therefore the customers may frequently request a refund or make a chargeback,  making the business high risk.

Adult service providers typically find it difficult to obtain a merchant account not only because they are considered to be high risk, but for other more trivial reasons. Certain merchant account providers like banks may not want to seen to be associated with this type of business and other companies may adopt a certain prejudice or a businesses in the adult industry. The few companies that can offer adult merchant accounts will typically try to charge them a huge 20% rate, where as businesses in other industries may typically be paying between 4-7%.

What do Adult Merchants want?

Adult service providers want merchant account providers to give them a merchant account at reasonable rates, better than 4-5% at least. They require a  provider that has open mind about the type of business they conduct. They require flexible merchant account solutions, preferably offshore accounts. They require a system to be able to handle complex recurring billing functionality that can specify how much to bill a customer and at what interval or period. Fraud Scrubbing each transaction due to the nature of the business and the type of customer they will attract.

You can also See PayWorld Adult Merchant services at : www.adult-merchant-account.com

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We offer complex recurring billing features & variable billing frequencies
We provide offshore merchant account, For US & International merchants
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